Our Goal

Program Objectives


To ensure that clinical and pharmacy / medical store management competencies are met, the student is expected to satisfy the following criteria as terminal objectives before completion of the program.

The PHARMACY TECHNICIAN shall be able to:

  1. Use oral and written medical and pharmaceutical communication.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and pharmacology.
  3. Perform basic mathematical functions and dosage calculations, utilizing metric, apothecary, household and avoirdupois systems.
  4. Understand the setting, duties and responsibilities of a pharmacy technician.
  5. Exhibit knowledge of pharmaceutical standards, ethics, laws and regulations.
  6. Prepare and label sterile solutions using aseptic technique.
  7. Maintain inventory and stock orders.
  8. Enter data into computer and generate labels and fill prescriptions and medication orders.
  9. Manage own business /own MEDICAL STORE and possess  “CATEGORY B” License.    


Allied Health Program

Allied health professionals are concerned with the identification, diagnostic evaluation, treatment of acute and chronic diseases and disorders; provision of dietary and nutrition services; rehabilitation services; the management and operation of health systems. The list of Allied Health Programs are given below with their goals.

Radiography & Imaging Technician

Radiography Technician is in charge of one or more X-Ray units and is responsible for its proper working and maintenance. The radiographer shall be able to:

  • operate X-ray equipment to produce high-quality diagnostic images that aid in the diagnosis of various patient conditions.
  •  prepare patients for procedures and then using their specialized knowledge and skills to perform imaging exams to produce diagnostic images.
  • perform the imaging tests on the patients (CT scans, MRI’s, x-rays, and ultrasounds). 
  • Understand the setting, duties and responsibilities of imaging technician.

Dispenser (medical assistant)

This diploma course comes at the top of medical courses listed in recent years, usually offered after matric . Through this course, a dispenser will be able to read doctor’s prescription, efficiently handle a hospital wards maintenance and patients care attendance. A dispenser shall be able to:

  • dispensing medicines & maintaining stocks.
  • administration of injectable medicines to healthcare clients.
  • minimum required dispenser care in Headquarter, tertiary, civil, and private hospitals.
  • instrument sterilization.
  • working as medicine storekeeper at hospital and Keep the daily pharmacy registers.
  • update Bin cards on daily basis.

Medical Lab Technician

The student is expected to satisfy the following criteria as terminal objectives before completion of the program. A medical lab technician shall be able to:

  • increase productivity.
  • maintain pathology laboratory.
  • sterilize the instrument of pathology laboratory.
  • perform all laboratory test in pathology labs.
  • Shrink turnaround time.
  • achieve greater regulatory compliance.

Operation Theatre Technician

Operation Theater Technician is responsible for various pre-, intra- and post-surgery duties within a hospital. An OTT shall be able to :

  •  manage the patients in and out of the OT.
  •  arrange the surgical and operating instruments, dressing the patient.
  •  help to maximize efficiency within an organization, increase the organization’s productivity, increase profits while reducing costs.